Monday, 6 August 2012

About CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X-6

Corel DRAW start his software on 1989..This is 21st Centuary running means everypeople want new updates,want newer tips, newer thing so CorelDRAW also get start to new thing it has produced Newer verson of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6.
This software mainly use for Design work, Fine arts, Graphics Designer for design work.  This software are use main by professional person who's business related to graphics,design, vector, illustration, creating art work.

Corel Graphics Suite X6 Offering you to content rich images, photos, new open type font, Professional Graphics Design Tools, Image editing and website design software.
This software works on 64 bit windows or mac so it allows you to quickly and fast process about larger file and big images. Today All over the world Millions of People using this software.

Now discuss about Corel DRAW X-6. Why is great against Corel DRAW X-5

New Feature of coreldraw X-6
1. Advance Open Type font support
2. Custom Built Color Harmonies
3. Multiple Tray in Corel Connect X6
4. Creating and new feature of vector shaping tools
5. Object Style feature
6. New Page layout tools
7. Many Script supported
8. webdesign support ( if you buy new corel x-6 you get free verson of web design software)

for each topic briefly discussion in this blog next topic........

about Corel DRAW X6 staring on below minimum system requirement...
Microsoft Windows 7 (either 32 bit or 64 bit verson), Windows Vista (32 bit or 64 bit Edition), Windows Xp (32 bit) all above
verson are upgraded with latest service pack.
Intel Pentium 4, AMD Anthlon 64 or AMD Processor
Minimum System's RAM about 1GB
Installing Corel DRAW X6 on your system want 1.5GB hard disk space (if you want you content about clipart more disk space requirement)
Screen Resolution On 1024 X 768
DVD DRIVE for run corel draw setup programme
Internet programme of Microsoft Internet explorer 7 or higher

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